Top 5 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You

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Top 5 Social Media Facts That Will Surprise You

 Humans are social animals. We love connecting, interacting, and we love to share our feelings and make connections. In this new generation, it has become easier to connect and feel togetherness with social media. Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. have increased social connectivity.





Let us discuss the top 5 surprising facts of social platforms.

  1. High statistics of social media addiction

Drugs now aren’t the most addictive things, but a high rise in social media usage has become the obsession of many people. Some people cannot let go of their obsession with social platforms. And there has been an increase in the high usage of the social platform by our new generation. Youngsters of age group 10- 28 are more active on social media platforms. Various studies show that some social media applications produce a chemical called dopamine in our body, which is similar to drinking, smoking, or drug cocaine.

  1. The source of earning for many people

It may be surprising but, many people consider advertising company in malaysia social media platforms as their primary source of income, and even they are earning hundreds of dollars. It is a full-fledged profession rather than just a simple connective network platform. Social influencers promote the products of many companies and earn their livelihood.

  1. A rising platform for internet bullying

While social media platforms were considered a connective link between people that would turn strangers into family, research shows that there has been a rise in internet bullying taking place in various social media platforms. Many users are being trolled or criticized and are given death threats, demand for money, the threat of leaking of personal information. Statistics show that many social media users and celebrities are ending their life by suicide.



  1. Social media users spend less family time

Memahami Apa Itu Pekerjaan Marketing dalam Dunia BisnisResearches show that certain social media users spend less quality time with their families and friends in real life. The users are busy with the online world and are keeping themselves lost in their social media world. Social media has widened the gap between the old and the new generations. Youngsters do not value spending time with real friends and family. For them, their top priority is updating their status on social media platforms and timely posting of Instagram stories in



  1. A social media user spends 60 percent time being active online

It is well-said that time is money, and one should value and respect the money. An average human being spends most of his life earning money, spending time with family, traveling, sleeping, or doing some other tasks. We have a large amount of active online users with more screen time.

We need to understand that the limited use of social media is beneficial but can be a curse for a normal person. Social platforms can affect us psychologically, emotionally, or even physically. Everything has a good and evil side, so with this social media thing.