What can be the future of smartphones in the 2030s

What can be the future of smartphones in the 2030s? 

With the regular updates in the features and specifications of the smartphone, you might think about the future. WHow will smartphones look in 2030? Will there be something unexpected? If you go ten years back, then you will find that the smartphones weren’t developed much. Today, almost every person has a smartphone in his/her pocket. The habit of humans is to keep inventing PDLC Smart glass new and the same is the case of a smartphone. What could be trends in the future? Here you can get an idea of the new features which you might find in smartphones.

Modern Office Designs that Maintain PrivacyIncreased rear cameras 

With the introduction of the iPhone 11 Pro, you must have checked that there are three rear cameras. This was something new as other smartphones don’t have more than two rear cameras. The megapixel count would keep going higher in the future. You can hope to get smartphones with incredible zoom quality. You might find three, four, or five rear cameras in future smartphones. Who knows the actual count until 2030 arrives? So, you will watch the changing features of smartphones with every passing year and it will be quite amazing to go through this journey.

Foldable smartphone 

With Moto Razr 2019 and Samsung Galaxy fold smartphones, people have already experienced these foldable phones. For now, these phones are expensive and can’t be owned by everyone but in the future, there are chances that these phones will go cheaper. Anything can change in ten years and therefore, you can think that foldable phones will be a common thing in the future.

No more jacks and ports

These are many smartphones that don’t contain the headphone jack now and charging ports will also have vanished in the future. The inclination of users towards wireless chargers and headphones has increased the chances that smartphones will choose wireless charging in the future. People would stop relying on the physical wires in the future and that isn’t a lie.

Art, Architecture and a Modern Office / Alexander Martin Architects |  ArchDaily5G and 6G will be common 

Just like 4G entered the lives of every single human on the earth, 5G will also become common in the next two or three years. When it comes to ten years of the span, there are high chances that 6G or 7G might be introduced. We can only wait for the next updates in the world of the internet.

No need of keyboards

Voice recognition will become a common thing in the future and nobody would like to type something while having chat. Almost every smartphone will come with voice recognition features and it will be just as casual as having a phone in hand.

Are you excited for the future inventions and updates? These were the easiest assumptions that will be features of future smartphones but there can be a lot more than these. Due to the AI technology, smartphones can become a personal friend of humans. The actual features of smartphones in 2030 will be only known when we would time travel in the future or see it happening after ten years.